3 Reasons Ceiling Fans Are Worth The Investment


Contrary to popular belief, a ceiling fan won’t actually cool down a room so you can cross that one off the list. But when it comes to the ceiling fixtures found in most homes, they do in fact, provide lots of benefits. From lowering energy bills to adding functionality to a variety of spaces, you’d be silly not to incorporate them into your living situation.

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Fnas Help Lower Energy Bills

While they won’t actually cool down a room, they can help lower energy bills. How? The draft a fan produces can actually make you feel cooler which means you can turn the thermostat up a few degrees without sacrificing comfort.

Fans Offer Great Versatility

You can install a ceiling fan in just about any room of the house which makes them quite the versatile accessory. You can put them in the living or kitchen, the bedrooms or even a screened in porch. For this reason, you can enjoy a comfortable environment and lower energy bills year ‘round.

Fans Can Provide Functional Lighting

Need more lighting in a specific area of the house. Look for a ceiling fan with lights - they can contribute via layered lighting effects. We recommend choosing a lighting kit that coordinates with the fixtures and appliances in other rooms of the house.

Just remember, installing a ceiling fan is no walk in the park and it can become a major hazard if installed incorrectly. That’s where we come in!

GEN3 Electric can help you spruce up your living space by installing new ceiling fans. The right fan can be both stylish and add to the comfort of your room. Call today to speak with the friendly neighborhood electricians to learn more about the benefits of ceiling fans or to schedule an appointment.

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