3 Reasons You Should Have Wireless Lighting Controls Installed Today


Imagine if you were able to increase comfort levels and upgrade old technology all while saving money? Sounds impossible, right? Well, with smart wireless lighting controls, you can achieve all of the above. How? Find out 3 major benefits of wireless lighting controls, below:

wireless lighting.jpg
  1. Increase Control: ever wanted to dim the lights or turn them off completely, but you were just too lazy to get up? Well, with wireless controls, you can do just that without moving a muscle - alright, you may need to move one or two just to tap your smartphone. Wireless lighting controls also allow you to turn lights on or off from down the hall, down the stairs or down the road.
  2. Increase Efficiency: ever walk out of a room and forget to turn off the lights? Guess what, the power company didn’t “forget” to charge you for the electricity the lights consumed while nobody was in the room so that you means you still have to pay. With lots wireless lighting control systems, they’re able to detect a lack of motion in the room which in turn, turns the lights off. With less run time, the lifespan of the lightbulbs also increases so it’s a win-win if you ask us.
  3. Ease of Installation: since wireless lighting controls are in fact, wireless it makes installation quite simple. There’s no need to cut through walls or ceilings and there’s no complex series of wires.

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About The Author

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