3 Top Ways To Insulate Your Attic This Fall


It’s officially the time of year when leaves begin to change color, the air is crisp and we’re waking up to chilly temperatures. With that said, fall is officially here to stay and that means cooler temperatures will be hanging around for a while. It’s time to insulate your home so you can save on heating bills this season. Not sure where to begin? See below for 3 of the most common ways to ramp up your attic:

spray foam insulation.jpg
  1. Batts: one of the most common and most familiar types of insulation comes in long rolls, or batts. It’s typically made from long, interweaving fibers of fiberglass or cotton and it’s quite easy to install. Simply fit the rectangular pieces in between the beams and you’ve got yourself an added layer of protection against losing heat as well as cool drafts.

  2. Blown-In: this type of insulation is rising in popularity and it’s for a good reason. Although it’s more difficult to install and usually requires the skill and expertise of a trained professional, blown-in insulation basically eliminates any chance of gaps or cracks. It’s great for covering large, difficult-to-reach areas and has great insulating qualities.

  3. Spray Foam: this insulation is great for homes that have HVAC ducts in the building envelope. Spray foam gives you the ability to move the building envelope to the roofline so that your ducts are essentially brought inside. It does cost a bit more than the other two options, but lots of homeowners say the energy savings are well worth the costs.
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