4 Warning Signs That You Need To Call An Electrician Right Away


We live our busy lives and pay little attention to our home's electrical system. There are many different signs that your electrical system needs attention. If you notice any of the trouble indicators below, call a licensed electrician right away. 

1. Outlet or switch is hot to the touch. Stop using it immediately. If you can find the circuit breaker that controls it, turn it off. The circuit could be overloaded or there could be loose contacts and/or wires touching. It needs to be repaired/replaced because a bad connection can start a fire.

2. Sparking or crackling outlet or switch. Again, this is a very dangerous fire hazard. Turn off the breaker if you can and call a professional.

3. Burn marks on the wall around outlet or switch. Another red flag that there is a fire safety concern. It could be due to an overloaded circuit or loose connections that caused excessive heat buildup. Do not ignore!

4. Flickering Lights. Loose wiring is the most serious reason and a top cause of house fires.

Additional Warning Signs To Consider:

  • Buzzing electrical box or panel
  • Burning smell coming from a wire or outlet
  • Numerous blown fuses or circuits
  • Lights changing in intensity for no apparent reason

If you notice any of the above warning signs, please call an electrician. If you are in the Philadelphia area, give Generation 3 Electric a call. We will make sure you and your family are safe.

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