5 Benefits of Forced Air HVAC Systems

Can you name the most common type of hvac system in North America? No, this isn’t a trick question, the answer actually is “forced air systems.” Thinking about going this route in your home? See below to find out a few of the main benefits of a forced air hvac system and then you can determine if this is the right system for you.

1 – Air Quality

If you take the time to maintain your system’s filters, you’ll be provided with a high level of indoor air quality. The filters in forced air furnaces work by trapping allergens and other airborne chemicals so that you and your family don’t breathe them in.

2 – Increased Comfort Options

Many forced air systems are compatible with humidification or dehumidification systems to add an extra layer of comfort to your home. These systems will help keep your home well within recommended humidity ranges without adding excess energy usage, which could happen if go with portable humidity systems instead.

3 – Energy Efficiency

Over recent years, the government has stepped in and made it a requirement for forced air systems to operate at higher efficiency levels than they did in the past. This means systems need to hit a certain rating (efficiency ratings) so they’ll heat and cool your home without wasting much energy.

4 – Reliability

Generally speaking, forced air systems don’t break down as frequently as heat humps or other electrical hvac systems. This of course, relies heavily on your attention to maintenance and keeping the system in good working order.

5 – Combined Heating & Cooling Options

Most forced air systems are compatible with central cooling systems. This means you can utilize the same air ducts and natural gas lines for both systems to provide year-round comfort.

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