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5 Key Benefits of Keyless Entry Doors

You’ve probably seen some of the hype around smart home thermostats and maybe even smart home appliances, but smart entry doors? Well, it’s not the physical door that is “smart,” but keyless entry systems are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. If getting in your door easier and safer sounds like something you’d be interested in, see below to find out a few additional benefits!

1 – No Fussing With Keys

Tired of fussing around with keys and dealing with a worn out slot that your key barely fits into? Well, just like the name implies, keyless entry doors don’t require keys at all. Most are programmable with a number code or with fingerprints so you can leave the keys at home whenever you head out. This is especially beneficial for those living with elderly family members as dealing with physical keys can be a struggle at times.

2 – Set Temporary Codes

Have relatives visiting for a few days or a neighbor taking care of the pets while you’re away? With most keyless entry systems, you can set a temporary code for any period of time and then delete it when it’s no longer needed.

3 – Rental & Vacation Home Convenience

Have tenants renting your home or apartment? Rather than setting a time and place to meet them to hand over the keys, you can set a code ahead of time and they can check in on their own. Same goes for when it’s time to check out!

4 – Built In Alarm Systems

Lots of models on the market today come with built-in alarm systems. This will help keep burglars and intruders out, or at least alert you right away should a stranger attempt to get in.

5 – LED Lighting

Ever have trouble getting your key into the lock at night because the lighting around the door isn’t quite adequate enough? Lots of keyless entry systems have LED back-lighting when you press the keypad for your visual convenience. 

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