A Bargain Electrician May Be Hazardous To Your Health


One of our Master electricians went to a client's home to provide an estimate to install baseboard haters. What he discovered was alarming . He looked in the basement and saw this. (see picture below)

"She was ripped off by the previous contractors. One had died before she filed the lawsuit.
Neutrals leave the panel's hot but the outlets all have the black wires hot! Go figure. Splices in the walls everywhere. Open j-hook splices in the ceilings, no tape, no wirenuts. Total Frankenstein work. All of the home's demolition walls, ceilings, plaster, old toilets, Windows, trash, etc was dumped into the basement by the contractor. Complete house REWIRE 4000.00. I gave her the best option I could: New 200 amp service and disconnect all interior wiring before the house burns down. Install new circuits and basic lights in the rooms she lives in for now."

This home is so unsafe that our Master electrician worked as hard as possible to come up with an affordable plan to rewire this home. The bare minimum totals around $14000.00 to make this home's electrical system safe. The "bargain" contractor did not do her any favors. When it comes to your home's electricial system, this is no place to cut corners! You need a licensed, insured electrician with a long list of satisfied customers and a great reputation. You need to make sure that your electrician pulls a permit for the job and has a third party final inspection. This nightmare could have never happened if this particular client did her homework and checked the credentials of the electrician before hiring them. "The 4000.00 house REWIRE package comes with a free lifetime fire hazard and electrocution possibility for you and your family!"

Sadly, our electricians see unsafe, poorly done electrical work every day. We are often called to come fix other electrical contractors' mistakes.

Give Gen3 Electric a call when you need an electrical project done and you can sleep at night knowing your family is safe. We offer financing so you can fit necessary repairs/rewiring into your budget.

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