A Tree Ripped Down the Electrical Service


When a tree falls and rips down your electeical service, it is not such a great day. Recently, a car hit a tree and knocked down one of our clienrts' electrical service. The utility company, PECO, immediately shuts off the power until a licensed, insured electrician applies for a permit and repairs/replaces the service cables and connections.

Then, a third party inspection company must inspect the electrical work and issue an Underwriter's Certificate or Final Inspection Approval before PECO will turn the power back on. This process does not happen in one day.

Our office, Generation 3 Electric, moved some appointments around to take care of this emergency quickly. We also stayed on top of the paperwork with both the city of Philadelphia and the Underwriter to expedite the process for our client.

It is very important to hire a licensed, insured electrician who apply for permits and have their work inspected when required. Your family's safety is certainly worth it. If you live in the Philadelphia area, call Generation 3 Electric for all of your electrical and ductless HVAC needs.


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