Ask Santa For Recessed LEDs!


The holidays are here again and it is time to spoil ourselves! Recessed lighting with LED trims and dimmers are simply the most desirable lighting. The effects on the atmosphere of your home are amazing. They are not in the same class as traditional fixtures. Just have a look at the photos below:

If you already have some older recessed lights, you may be able to upgrade them with LED trims, you may have to change your dimmer switch, but these LEDs are well worth it. They are a much softer light and they do not produce excessive heat like the traditional bulbs. They are much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly too. They are recyclable and do not contain mercury or other toxic chemicals. I upgraded the ones at my office and noticed immediately that there was no heat beaming on me anymore. The light is more pleasant too, I don't get as many headaches.

They are safer because they produce less heat and most run on low voltage. If you need to convince Santa, just check out what says about LED lighting: Lighting

This holiday season, ask Santa for some recessed lights with LED trims. Santa can call Generation 3 Electric to do the installation. Just email him the link below:

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