Behind the Scenes – GEN3’s Purrfect Garage


You’ve seen our trucks, been visited by our electricians and spoken with our office staff but GEN3 would be at a loss without our amazing inventory specialists working behind the scenes, Phil and Arnie! They keep our supplies stocked and organized, make sure our electricians have the right parts on their vans every day for the jobs that are scheduled and are just all around two of the nicest guys you could hope to know.


Phil and Arnie are always busy working their magic, so I asked our resident office cats Remmy and Marty to give us a tour of the garage and our stocked shelves. The two of them give regular audits of our inventory, and they are shrewd customers!

cat_tour_1.jpg cat_tour_4.jpg


Much to our relief, everything appears to be to the highest of feline standards and got their paws of approval. Dimmers, switches and outlets, check. Plenty of spools of wire, electrical boxes, conduit and you-name-it, "meow" (check!)

cat_tour_2.jpg cat_tour_3.jpg


A special thanks to this post's contributors, Remmy and Marty. If you're looking for a pet friendly neighborhood electrician, cat-guaranteed to have everything they need to service your home, look no further!

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Walter is GEN3's Graphic Designer, Webmaster and Assistant Manager of Operations. A man of many hats, who owns too many cats :3 He's learned a great deal about electrical service in his time at GEN3 and looks forward to learning more and sharing everything he learns.