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Benefits of Flameless Cooking

Time to upgrade your kitchen’s cooking appliances? You may want to consider going flameless. While lots of home chefs and cooking aficionados tend to sway toward gas stoves with open flames, there are lots of benefits to going the induction or electric route. For starters, a flameless stove may make the most sense if you are living with elderly family members or young children. See more benefits, below!

What is a Flameless Cooktop?

Generally speaking, flameless cooktops can be broken down into two categories: induction and electric. These types of cooking appliances do not operate with an open flame, as does a gas cooktop. 

Induction cooktops use direct induction of cooking vessels, which generates a high-power output and rapid increases in temperature. With that said, it doesn’t take very long for cookware to heat up, and changes in temperature are virtually instantaneous.

Electric stoves, or ranges, are equipped with an electrical heating device. These types of stoves typically require less labor to operate and maintain and therefore, are quite popular throughout homes and apartments in the United States.

The Pros of Flameless Cooking

  • Induction cooktops are significantly more efficient than gas. Food receives 90% or more of the heat generated from the appliance, as opposed to roughly 40-50% with a gas appliance.
  • Cooking time is usually much faster as it takes less time for heat to get to the food.
  • Since less heat is released into the air, your kitchen will remain at a more stable temperature which can make cooking more comfortable and enjoyable. 
  • Flameless appliances typically don’t require special gas lines, conversions or hookups, aside from a 220-240v electrical outlet. 
  • There is much less of a risk of burns and other injuries due to open flames. This is especially significant for those aging in place or those with young, curious children.
  • No flame reduces the risk of grease fires and no gas means no gas leaks.
  • Flameless cooktops can be more energy efficient than gas stoves. 

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