Can Holiday Lights Cause My Tree To Catch Fire?

christmas tree fire prevention

We know you’re wondering it, and you’re definitely not alone. Each year, firefighters respond to nearly 200 fires that were caused by Christmas trees throughout the United States and let’s face it — that’s no way to spend the holidays. So, can the lights you use on the tree be the reason it goes up in flames? Find out below!

Can Christmas Lights Start A Fire?

The short answer is no. Holiday lights alone are not enough to cause a fire inside, or outside, of a home. However, they can still pose risks in other ways.

It’s always best to adhere to manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to holiday lighting. Why? Plugging too many strands into one another, or loading a single wall outlet with too many decorations can cause serious issues.

In most cases, five strands of lights should be the maximum number used on a Christmas tree, but you should always read the labels and instructions before decorating.

So, What Causes Holiday Fires?

There are lots of factors that play into fires during the holiday season. Most of the time, it’s due to lack of adequate watering, causing the tree to dry out quickly mixed with heat from nearby radiators or a fireplace.

Additionally, open flames from candles, wood burning stoves and fireplaces tend to wreak havoc on homes during the holiday season.

With that said, if you choose to light a fire of any kind inside your home this season, be sure there’s more than enough space between your decorations and the source of the flames.

From your friends at GEN3, we wish you a very happy and safe holiday season! And should you need electrical work done around the holidays, feel free to give us a call!