Can I Plug My Air Conditioner Directly Into A Wall Outlet?

Air conditioners need electricity to run, but can you plug yours into the wall like any other device? If you don’t have a central HVAC system, then you’ll most likely be using a window unit to keep cool. Although you might be tempted to just connect your air conditioner into the wall, there are some precautions to take beforehand to avoid the risk of an electrical fire.

Don’t Plug Your Air Conditioner Into an Extension Cord

Power strips can make life easier, but they can also be a source of danger. With too many electrical currents being fed in and out of the strip, the risk for fire greatly increases, especially when the strip becomes overloaded.

Air conditioners draw a much stronger electrical current than your cell phone, computer or television. A normal extension cord can’t handle this type of power, so using one to connect your air conditioner to a wall unit could result in a fire.

Can You Plug Your AC Into an Outlet?

So, extension cords are off the table, but what about a standard wall outlet? It depends. Most U.S. homes are equipped with outlets that can supply up to 15 amps of electricity. Small window units usually draw about five to seven amps, but some later ones may need up to 20. This means that even if your wall unit can handle it, it may not be able to effectively deliver electricity to other appliances and devices plugged into it.

The current draw of your air conditioner will determine whether or not it’s going to work in your wall outlet. The standard US voltage rate is usually 110 or 220. Most window units require either 110, 115 or 220. While knowing this is helpful, you have to consider what type of strain having an air conditioner will place on your home’s electrical system.

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