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Can I Put A Heating Unit On The Roof?

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Rooftop HVAC Systems

Hate the look of hvac equipment being visible on the side of the house or in the yard? Don’t have a plethora of space around the house and think that putting a bulky system out there would really cramp your style? Wish you could utilize your roof for something like that? You’re in luck! Well… sort of. While you may be able to have an air conditioning system installed on the roof — a heating system? Not so much. 

Why Put an AC System on the Roof?

A rooftop air conditioning system makes a lot of sense for a number of people. While it’s quite common to find commercial air conditioners on the roof of a building, there are lots of residential systems that are designed similarly.

So, why put your air conditioner on the roof? There are lots of benefits. The roof generally consists of less dirt and debris that the ground (think grass, shrubs, animals, leaves, etc.) which means the unit will remain cleaner and require a bit less routine maintenance than one located on the ground, in theory.

You may also find that an air conditioner on the roof makes less audible noise than one located right outside the door or window and it will certainly save you some space if you have a small yard, or no yard at all. 

Is it Possible to Put a Furnace on the Roof?

Unfortunately, housing a heating system on the roof is not quite as feasible. Furnaces are more susceptible to extreme temperatures (just think about how hot that roof gets in the summertime) and are more likely to encounter damage as a result.

They also aren’t as prone to withstanding the elements as some air conditioning systems are designed to be, and that can make maintenance repairs a whole lot more difficult for a technician.

So, while it is possible to have a furnace installed outside of the house in some special cases, it’s not always recommended.

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