Circuit Breaker Fitness (and Safety!)


Just like the people they’re designed to protect, the circuit breakers in your electrical panel need stretch their joints to stay limber too. Each circuit breaker should be exercised annually to ensure it is still functioning properly and to give it a workout of sorts, making sure it doesn’t freeze up when it needs to trip. Turning each breaker off and on annually should be part of your home’s routine safety checks just like checking smoke alarm batteries.


Annoying as it may be to have a circuit trip unexpectedly, tripping is exactly what a circuit breaker is designed to do to protect you and your home. If a circuit overloads but is unable to trip you have a very serious safety hazard. A circuit that needs to trip but can’t from being frozen in place or internally worn out can lead to runaway overheating and fire. Anyone would agree that the annoyance of a breaker tripping after plugging too many things at once may be frustrating, but far preferable to a fire! Of course, GEN3 can also help increase your electrical panel’s capacity if you are having a breaker trip routinely from plugging in too many items in an area of your home.

Check out the video below of a panel James recently removed from a customer’s home that narrowly escaped a serious fire.




Contact GEN3 today for a friendly home safety check and annual panel maintenance visit today. We’ll not only do routine checks like exercising your breakers but also look for signs of corrosion and other hazards. Don’t wait until your panel looks like the one James found, or more frighteningly worse! October is for fun Halloween spooks and chills, but no one wants something really scary in their homes!

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