Do Ductless Air Conditioners Remove Humidity?

It makes your legs stick to the seat. It makes fogs up the inside of your refrigerator. It makes it difficult to breathe. Have any idea what we’re talking about? Humidity. It’s difficult to escape it and it often comes without much warning. And on top of all that, it can actually be detrimental to your health.


Now, you’re considering a ductless heating and cooling system and you’re wondering if a ductless air conditioner removes humidity from the air. The answer? Yes. Yes it does, but why is humidity so bad in the first place? Find out below:

Humidity and Mold

There is definitely a correlation between humidity and mold. After all, mold thrives in dark, moist areas and it lurks around where you’re least expecting it.

Why is mold so bad?

It can cause severe respiratory issues including nose, throat and lung irritation and it can cause headaches and coughing, too.

So, how do you get rid of humidity and keep mold at bay?

Dehumidifiers: you can run a dehumidifier to pull in warm, moist air where it passes over cooling coils and dumps the condensation into the collection bucket. The problem is, most dehumidifiers only cover a small area at once and the bucket needs to be emptied manually if you don’t have a condensation line set up.

Ductless HVAC: or you could invest in a ductless air conditioning system which will keep your home at a comfortable temperature AND remove excess moisture from the air. Similar to a dehumidifier, ductless systems push hot, moist air over evaporator coils and the liquid condensation is automatically pumped outside your house. It’s a win-win if you ask us!

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