Don't Add To These Electrical Inspection Nightmares


Whether you’re looking to buy a new house or plan on staying put for years to come it’s a good idea to have an electrical inspection performed. Why? Well, for starters, it will give you some peace of mind knowing your home is wired properly and there are no red flags signaling that your electrical equipment is a major hazard. Hopefully, you won’t be adding to any of the electrical inspection nightmares below:

electrical fails.jpg

The Wrong Place For An Outlet: it’s common knowledge that water and electricity don’t mix, so why would anyone ever fasten a 240-volt outlet box to the water inlet pipe in their home? Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s been done.

Federal Pacific Electrical Panels: FPE has been in the news numerous times for inadequate equipment that causes overheating, blown fuses and even electrical fires. If you’ve got one of these in your home, it’s time to have it replaced immediately, especially if a panel falls out when you remove the cover.

Failure To Use An Outlet Box: we never suggest fastening a light bulb or a light fixture directly to a floor joist. There are outlet boxes for that!

Hiding Cigarettes: maybe you don’t want to admit you’ve been smoking cigarettes, but please DO NOT hide the butts inside an electrical panel. Remember, where there’s smoke, there’s fire and an electrical fire could wipe out your whole system.

Location Is Everything: and while some homeowners like the idea of being close to the water, your electrical panel should never be anywhere near it! Believe it or not, live fuse boxes have been installed right next to kitchen sinks.

Did any of the examples above make you cringe? Us too. That’s why you should call on the expert electricians at GEN3 Electric. Our techs are put through rigorous training and we are fully licensed and insured. Give us a call today at 215-512-4102 to schedule an appointment.

About The Author

Bill earned a degree in Electrical Engineering and Architecture, then founded Generation 3 Electric in 2000. His father, an electrician, was his inspiration. These days, Bill actively manages his company and enjoys focusing on new technology and marketing.