Don’t Let A Severe Storm Ruin Your Electronics

Picture this: one of those severe afternoon thunderstorms rolls into town unexpectedly. You sprint for the front door as torrential rain pours down from the sky. Then you hear the roar of thunder and see a violent strike of lightning. The next thing you know, a few of your expensive electronic devices won’t turn back on once the storm has passed. Panic mode commence.

What Can Happen To My Electrical System During A Storm?

You’re probably wondering what actually happens to your home’s electrical system when a bad storm hits. Well, one of two things can happen. First, lightning could strike your home directly which a bit more infrequent.

When lightning strikes directly, chances are it will start a fire and will damage any electrical devices that were plugged in at the time of the strike. Surge protectors won’t do much to protect your electronics in this instance.

When lightning strikes nearby, but is not a direct hit, it can travel through communication wires (phone, internet or cable) and enter your home this way. However in this instance, a surge protector can be much more effective.

How To Protect Your Electronics During A Storm

Your best bet is to unplug any and all electronic devices before the storm rolls into town. Larger appliances tend to suffer the most severe damage and the best explanation for this is Murphy’s Law. There’s not necessarily any rhyme or reason as to why your most valuable possessions tend to go first.

Keep in mind that simply turning your devices off isn’t going to protect them. It’s vital that you turn them off first, and then unplug them.

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