Nor-Easter Stella


The winter that never seemed to happen this year decided to give it another go before the season officially ends next week. Here are some safety tips from your Friendly Neighborhood Home Experts at GEN3.

Stella didn't deliver the expected 12 inches of snow, but did bring heavy snow and slush, which can cause power distribution issue for above-ground lines. Heavy “wet” snow and likewise re-freezing ice can add more weight to tree branches and some power lines than they can support. Should you experience any disruption in electrical service, the first thing you want to do is call PECO. They can let you know if there are interruptions in your neighborhood or if your house is experiencing issues outside of PECO’s responsibilities.

Should the issue be localized to your home, please call a licensed and insured electrician right away. Never put yourself or your home’s safety at risk trying to repair something you aren’t qualified to do. Let the experts do what they do best. GEN3’s technicians work rain or shine, so fear not we're out doing what we do best through the storm: helping our customers with their electrical and home comfort needs. The storm may slow us down a little with icy roads, but we’re still out doing our best to help as many people as we can. Don’t hesitate to call if we can be of assistance. 

Stella didn't deliver as much snow as it was hyped to in Philadelphia, but it is still colder than we’ve been used to this February. GEN3 never recommends using a space heater; we don’t consider them safe. However, reality is what it is and if you do opt to use a space heater please be sure to follow safety guidelines. Never plug a space heater in with an extension cord. The cords they come with are rated for a maximum distance and are the proper gauge. Typical extension cords are not. Only ever use space heaters on level surfaces away from flammable objects and be sure they are supervised at all times. Consider a clean energy Ductless heating and cooling solution down the road for this summer’s weather and next winter's heating. The weather only seems to be getting more hectic each year

Finally, all things electrical and HVAC aside, remember to check on neighbors and lend a hand. Shoveling snow is one of the leading causes of winter heart attacks. If you own your home you’re obligated by law to clear a path on your sidewalk free of snow in Philadelphia. Be a good neighbor and offer to help older neighbors do so… and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. 

Stay warm and enjoy the snow, Spring is just a week away!

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Walter is GEN3's Graphic Designer, Webmaster and Assistant Manager of Operations. A man of many hats, who owns too many cats :3 He's learned a great deal about electrical service in his time at GEN3 and looks forward to learning more and sharing everything he learns.