Electrical Safety Outside The Home


You’ve locked down the electrical safety inside of your home, but have you given any thought to the outside? Take a second to think about the lights, wires and outlets in your front- or backyard. We’re going to guess you probably haven’t given them much thought in recent months, right? Well, now that spring is almost here you’ll be spending more time outdoors and safety is always a top priority!

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When it comes to exterior electrical hazards there’s lots to consider. But today, we’re going to focus on two of the main ones: outdoor outlets and extension cords:

Outdoor Outlet Safety:

  • Make sure ground fault circuit interrupters, or GFCIs, are installed. They automatically cut power to plugged in items if they come in contact with water. Portable GFCIs are also available if you already have permanent outlets installed.
  • Use weatherproof covers with all outdoor outlets. This will help keep them protected from the elements.
  • Never use portable generators in confined spaces. This includes the garage and the shed.
  • Position generators away from windows, doors and vents to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the home.

Extension Cord Safety:

  • Extension cords are designed to be temporary solutions and should not be used permanently.
  • Make sure they are rated for outdoor use.
  • Never run them through standing water, puddles or ponds.
  • Do not connect multiple extension cords to extend the length. Purchase a large cord instead.

As a homeowner, you can tell if you need to upgrade your outlets by looking at the wire connectors at the panel box. The wires will look old and possibly corroded. If this is the case, give your friendly neighborhood electricians at GEN3 Electric a call right away!

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