Extension Cord Safety


It’s that time of year again where homeowners across the Philadelphia area are spending more time outdoors getting the yard ready for warmer temperatures. And as we trim back the shrubs, mow the lawn and make sure exterior lights are working properly, chances are we’re using extension cords at some point in the process.

 Extension Cord Male end

Roughly 3,300 home fires originate in extension cords each year which is why it’s vital to understand the safety precautions listed below:

  • Never plug extension cords into one another. If you need a longer wire, we highly suggest purchasing the correct length.
  • When using an extension cord outdoors, make sure it’s labeled for exterior use. There’s a big difference between indoor and outdoor cords.
  • Never run an extension cord through a puddle, wet grass or through the pool area.
  • Do not nail or staple cords to your home.
  • Don’t attempt to cut the third prong off of a cord to make it fit into a 2-slot outlet.
  • Never substitute extension cords for permanent wiring.

Now that you have these safety tips in mind, get out there and turn your yard into a beautiful oasis. There’s nothing like spending time relaxing outside under the sun and we’re sure your friends, family members and neighbors will appreciate your hard work!

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