Failure is an Opportunity to Learn


It is wise to have a licensed, insured electrician work in your home for many reasons, but having a permit and 3rd party inspection is designed to protect you, the homeowner.  Our electricians are highly skilled and well trained, but no one is perfect.  

Every permitted job includes a third party inspection.  The inspectors check our electricians' work and guarantee that the job was completed properly and there are no code or safety violations.

We rarely fail an inspection, but when we do, we must return and re-do the item(s) that failed.

We post the information on our company social media site so all of our electricians can have a look and learn from our mistakes.

The picture below is an open junction box that caused us to fail an inspection.  The fix was easy, but the reason it needs to be covered is to protect the home from an electrical fire should the wires inside heat up and spark for any reason.

This time, the electrical box was existing and not part of the scope of work we were doing, but that is not a good enough reason for not making sure our customer is safe. We are thankful that the inspectors are there working to improve the standards our customers receive.

If you need an electrical project completed, give us a call and you can relax knowing that we do everything by the book and we have a third party inspector check our permitted work.Schedule An Appointment


About The Author

Dottie enjoys working at Gen3 Electric. She is always learning new things there about technology, electrical and much more. There is always something new and exciting happening at Gen3.