Fall Back Into Better Lighting


Daylight Savings Time comes to a close tonight, so don’t forget to reset your clock at 2:00 AM Sunday back to 1:00 AM.


Monday begins winter’s shorter days and dark weather can bring on the gloom that comes with it. S.A.D. is a pretty cynical marketing term but a very real thing: Seasonal Dissafective Disorder.

Consider more lighting for your home this winter. It’s not just a basic home improvement for winter-time lighting, it really can help lift your mood. It brings life to your home, brightens things up, lifts the mood and makes your home feel like new again. 

GEN3’s lighting specialists can not only estimate costs of an upgrade but also give sage advice on what’ll be most pleasing in your home. Call to have one of our Neighborhood Home Experts give you an estimate on improving your lighting today, and brighten up winter gloom.   Electrician

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