Fun Electrical Upgrades


For the most part, homeowners don't get excited spending money on rewiring their home and upgrading their electrical service, but there are some great add-ons that may help them look forward to the electricians getting started.

Unique and beautiful light fixtures. 

These are two very unique and beautiful light fixtures that Generation 3 Electric has installed. With all of the online retailers available now, the possibilities are endless. Why not search the web and get unique light fixtures for some rooms in your home. Give Gen3 a call when you are ready to get them installed.

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Check out some of the beautiful light fixtures available on

Wayfair Lighting


USB Outlets

These are a fantastic, convenient and affordable upgrade to your home. Get a few of them, or one in every room!


Dimmer Switches

I personally think that dimmer switches should be required in every room. They really brighten or calm your home's atmosphere. They are also an inexpensive electrical upgrade. Treat yourself!

You can read about the history of the dimmer in the article below:

Turn on your love Light

Undercabinet Lighting

There are many options for under cabinet lighting, some more expensive than others. All of them really accent your kitchen. Visit our website to learn more and schedule an estimate.

Generation 3 Electric/Under Cabinet Lighting


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