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Generation 3 Electric's electricians work hard every day to make the world a safer place, one house at a time. They are trained to perform complicated diagnostics on your home's electrical system and offer you options to correct any dangerous conditions in your home. These professionals arrive in a fully stocked, logo wrapped vehicle. They are in uniform and they really go above and beyond for our clients. Literally.

Often, they agree to work overtime to complete a job that they feel is urgent and potentilly dangerous to our clients. They brave the extreme heat in attics during summer and climb buildings to perform tedious installations. They have to deal with potentially hazardous mold in some basements and dust particles during the rewiring of older homes. These guys are awesome! They work with our clients to make rewiring affordable by breaking a large job down into stages that help our clients for whom financing is not an option.  

Gen3 Electricians take prid in their work and their customer service. Just have a look at what hundreds of our clients say about them.

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Dottie enjoys working at Gen3 Electric. She is always learning new things there about technology, electrical and much more. There is always something new and exciting happening at Gen3.