Gen3 Office Makeover


Over the last few years, Gen3 Electric has made tons off upgrades to our office. First, we removed our old heating and A/C systems and installed Ductless Mitsubishi Mini Splits. We were able to reduce our energy bills and remove gas service completely. That was just the beginning. We knocked down some walls to create more workstations. We added windows, new carpet,new kitchen counters, sink and dishwasher. We put a fresh coat of paint everywhere and even completely remodeled one of our bathrooms. We are always improving.
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We are still finishing the bathroom and have a few more upgrades in mind. The office cats love it! Stay tuned for the rooftop deck!

It is certainly even more of a pleasure coming to work everyday and even working overtime isn't so bad in this place.

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Dottie enjoys working at Gen3 Electric. She is always learning new things there about technology, electrical and much more. There is always something new and exciting happening at Gen3.