Gen3 to the rescue!

melted electric wire safety

Romex Outside?

When GEN3 receives a call from a potential customer about equipment (electrical or HVAC) not functioning correctly we send our qualified service team out to investigate!

During the middle of July the HVAC department got call about a malfunctioning Mitsubishi mini split system installed a few years back by a now defunct company. One of the indoor units would not turn on and was seemingly dead. GEN3 technicians went to the location in Fishtown, diagnosed the problem, and provided the customer with options to fix it.

When the customer decided that he would like to proceed with the repairs I was lucky enough to assist with the job. On our previous site visit, my coworker, Travis inspected the system to see if there were any glaring issues. During his inspection he discovered that the wire running between the indoor and outdoor units was regular Romex. From his experience he knew that this was a problem. In theory this wire worked to power the units, but in application not so much. It got the job done but is not rated for outdoor use and unfortunately over time can develop issues.

The solution? To replace the Romex wire with properly rated communication wire. Travis and I began with the unit that was not functioning. We disconnected the wire from the unit and pulled it out of the wall and line hide where it had been run. I was amazed at what we found. The Romex that was run outside was in really bad shape. From the weather exposure it basically caused a small fire. The copper of the wire had melted to itself and its surroundings were all brown and burnt.

Yikes! No wonder that unit was not working!

We proceeded to replace the other wires between the outdoor condenser and indoor heads. As Travis had found and informed the customer on his original visit they were also improper Romex. None of the other three lines had caused any damage yet, but could likely have been on the way, and this was reflected in Travis’s recommendations. This simple mistake of running the wrong wire could have ended much worse!

Though I find unsafe situations such as these troubling, this job was a great learning experience for me. There’s nothing like seeing the damage first hand to understand why a proper installation is so crucial. It is also a powerful feeling to diagnose a problem, fix it, and prevent further damages.

If you’re looking for qualified mini split installers or if you’re experiencing issues with your current system, give GEN3 a call today.