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Halloween Inspired Electrical Devices & Decor

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Electronic Halloween Decor Ideas

Whether you plan on throwing the Halloween party of the century or simply want to have the spookiest house on the block, it’s time to get decorating if you haven’t done so already. This year, it’s time to up your game and equip your home with decorations that will outshine the rest! With that said, you’ll certainly want to check out the Halloween-inspired electrical devices below, and make sure you’re using them safely:

Orange LED String Lights Outside

It may sound like a no-brainer, but if you don’t have your home wrapped in orange LED string lights, is it really even Halloween? You can purchase them for low prices at local home improvement stores, party stores or even online, but wherever you get them from, make sure they’re rated for outdoor use!

LED Punch Bowl

Sure, you can use a large salad bowl or something of the sort that you already have in the cabinet, but is that going to get your guests in the Halloween spirit? We suggest opting for a color-changing LED punch bowl and maybe even a smoke machine for those spooktacular adult beverages. 

Light-Up Jack-O-Lanterns

You can place them along the walkway, lining the driveway, on the steps or even inside the house. Light-up Jack-O-Lanterns are the ultimate holiday staple so you’ll want to stock up on them earlier than later to eliminate the chance of them being sold out.

Blow-Up Lawn Decorations

You’ve probably seen them during the holiday season and if your plan is to go all-out for Halloween this year, you’ll want to make sure your lawn is covered in life-sized blow-up decorations. From ghosts and pumpkins to draculas and grim reapers, the possibilities are just about endless.

Please be safe this Halloween and remember some basic electrical rules when it comes to your decor. Always use indoor extension cords and grounded outlets for indoor decorations and outdoor cords and decor items labeled for outdoor use when it comes to your yard.

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