Happy Friday the 13th!


Flickering lights can be a sign of electrical safety hazards far more serious than the slasher movie franchise by today’s name. So keep your home electrically safe and sound, and the frightful chills limited to the big screen.


GEN received a call from a customer who just moved into their new home and found that the lights in two rooms were flickering. They had not seen any tripped circuits though. Our electrician found an electrical sub panel that was nearing 30 years old and filled to capacity. He found one of the circuits was burning up from overheating and replaced it immediately. It’s a good thing we received the call when we did as a failing circuit breaker is a serious danger, and will not perform its job of opening during a power surge. A little bad luck and our customer could have been facing an electrical fire!


You can see where the plastic of the circuit has begun to melt, and the wire that burned in Gordon’s video below.



Our customer wisely scheduled a return visit within a few days to replace their electrical service and bring their panels up to today's standards. If your electrical panel is over 20 years old or you have any worrying signs of an aging system, like flickering lights, don’t hesitate to give GEN3 a call. Your safety is out top priority!

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