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Heated Blanket & Heating Pad Safety Tips

How To Use A Heated Blanket Or Heating Pad Safely

Heated blankets and heating pads can be a good way to save money during the winter, but they also pose some safety hazards that you should be aware of. Using a heated blanket or heating pad while you lower your thermostat can significantly reduce your energy bill, but if you aren’t careful, you could jeopardize your health and even run the risk of a fire.

Personal heating appliances require attention to detail, so follow these tips to protect yourself and your family this year.

Do Not Cover Heated Blankets or Heating Pads

Never allow a pet to lay or sit on top of a personal heating appliance, or cover it with another blanket.

Do Not Sleep With Them

Although they can be used for extended periods, it isn’t safe to sleep with an electric blanket or heating pad all night. Instead, you should pull the covers and sheets down, lay the electric blanket over the bed, and allow it to warm the mattress before you turn it off and get tucked in for the night.

Inspect Wires

If you notice any black spots, cracks or frayed wires, do not plug in your blanket or heating pad. You should also only use electric blankets that have an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) mark, which have been tested for safety.

Do Not Use at the Highest Setting

Using heating pads or electric blankets on their highest setting, especially on one part of the body for a long time, can cause burns. You should also never use a heating pad and heated blanket at the same time. This doubles the risk of both injury and fire.

Other Ways to Stay Warm

You can still stay comfortable this winter without running your heater constantly. Having your windows treated with plastic insulation, weatherstripping and switching to flannel bed sheets and fleece pajamas can help your home and body stay warm.

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