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Holiday Candle Safety Tips

Prevent Fires With These Candle Safety Tips

There’s something special about the warm glow of a perfectly scented candle filling the room during the cozy holiday season. However, where there is a flame there is the risk of a fire, especially if you’re not careful. In fact, nearly 8,500 home fires occur as a result of lit candles each year so follow the safety tips below to avoid becoming another statistic.

Before You Light A Candle

  • Make sure the wick is trimmed to ¼ inch. Longer wicks are more likely to produce a larger flame which makes it easier for nearby objects to catch fire. You can use a wick trimmer, nail clipper or scissor to keep the wick to an appropriate length.
  • Once you trim the wick, be sure to discard the remnants and debris. Simply turn the candle upside down over the trash or grab the clippings with your fingers, as long as the wax and the wick are no longer warm.
  • If you’re using a candle holder, make sure it’s heat resistant, sturdy and large enough to contain any potential wax drippings.
  • Clear the area around the candle of any and all flammable objects. This goes for the surface the candle is sitting on as well, especially if the wax is nearing the bottom of the jar or holder.

While The Candle Is Burning

  • Even though you cleared the area around the candle prior to lighting it, the same holds true while the candle is lit. Be sure to keep all paper items, clothing, children, pets and wires at least two feet away from the flame at all times.
  • Never leave a candle unattended. Even if you only plan on leaving the room for a few seconds, it’s best to put it out first.
  • If you’re burning multiple candles at the same time, make sure they are at least three inches apart from one another. 
  • Always put candles out before falling asleep or leaving the room. They should never be treated as night lights.

Putting A Candle Out

  • It’s best to use a candle snuffer to put the candle out rather than using your breath or water. This will help prevent hot wax from splatter or the potential for a spark to land on something nearby.
  • Always make sure the wick is completely out before leaving the room. Sometimes, wicks that aren’t fully lit can pick up steam and grow to a full flame.

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