Home Rewiring FAQs


Would new outlets eliminate unsightly extension cords? Do new appliances require their own outlets? How do I know if my outlets are grounded? These are just a few of the electrical questions we receive quite often on the subject of home rewiring, so we’ve decided to take a few minutes out of our busy day to answer them for you! Even if you aren’t looking for answers to these exact questions, pay attention because you might know somebody who is!

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Q: Would new outlets and/or receptacles offer convenience and eliminate unsightly extension cords?

A: Consider floor outlets installed under wood floors to eliminate the dangers of tripping.

Q: Does a new appliance, home entertainment system or air conditioner require its own outlet?

A: Direct lines can save energy and prevent tripped breakers.

Q: How do I know if my outlets are grounded?

A: Older homes tend to have ungrounded outlets. Give us a call and we’ll be able to let you know for sure!

Q: What are the warning signs of old outlets and switch plates?

A: Consider these warning signs:

  • warm/hot to touch;
  • cover plates are broken, cracked, or missing;
  • dark area over the switch cover plate;
  • outlet is in the shape of a teardrop.
Have additional questions about your home’s electrical system. There’s not much the expert electricians at GEN3 Electric haven’t seen. After all, we’ve been serving the entire Philadelphia area for three generations so you know you can count on us!

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