Hot Enough to Melt Glass!

GEN3 is Your Friendly Neighborhood HVAC Expert… and we see all kinds of crazy things on our HVAC appointments!

Recently, we encountered a boiler that was running with the safety devices cut out. Unfortunately, sometimes people will disable the safety devices and let equipment operate this way as a quick fix to get the heat back on, which is obviously very dangerous. Nine times out of ten, nobody will come back to fix the problem that caused the safety devices to trip in the first place.

In this case, the home’s chimney was collapsing, causing the draft switch to trip, which means someone cut that out. Then the rollout switch (the device that detects flames outside of the firebox) tripped.

It looks like this boiler ran dry, causing it to eventually become hot enough to MELT THE GLASS on the pressure temperature gauge! If the auto fill turned on while the equipment was this hot, it could have done serious damage to the home and its occupants.

Next time you notice your heat isn’t working, please call a professional!