How Do Child Proof Outlets Work?


Child proof outlets are a must for families with small children and just a good idea for everyone else.

Did you ever wonder how they work?

Cooper Electric Supply and Hubbell gave us some demo products and my boss demonstrated how they work to me.  Here is a link to our Facebook video.

Facebook child proof outlet demo.

Child proof outlets have TR or TRR(Tamper Resistant Receptacle) on them and Hubbell's new see through outlet lets you see the various mechanisms at work.

The simple explanation is the plastic piece blocking the openings for the plug to enter will not move unless BOTH openings are being pushed in at the SAME time.  Ingenious!

If you want to learn more about how they work, here is the link to Electrical Safety Foundation International -ESFI's webpage:

 Electrical Safety Foundation International on tamper resistant receptacles



If you have small children and/or inquisitive pets, email or call Gen3  and we can upgrade your home's outlets. The link to our webpage is below.

Generation 3 Electric and Ductless HVAC

So the next time your little one tries to stick a spoon in one of your outlets, there will be no need to panic and almost break your arm while flying accross the room to the rescue!

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