How Does Zoned Heating Work?

home zone diagram

Ever feel like certain areas of your house are too cold, while other areas are too warm? Tired of spending a fortune on heating bills each month because your home seems to heat up so unevenly? Wish you had greater control over how heat was distributed throughout? If so, you’ll love the sound of a zoned heating system. What is it? Find out below!


What is Zoned Heating?

It’s actually quite the simple concept when you really think about it. Zoned heating is just a system of multiple thermostats that are wired to a control panel that read temperatures of their specific “zones” and turn on, or turn off, accordingly.

Basically, with a zoned heating system, you’ll have the ability to heat certain areas of the house that feel much colder, without heating the rooms that are already at comfortable temperatures.

How Does Zoned Heating Work?

As the thermostats in each zone detect changing temperatures, they relay this message to flex dampers, which either fill with air to block the airflow in the duct, or deflate so that air can freely pass through the vents and out into your home. Pretty neat, right?

Do Zoned Heating Systems Save Energy?

If they’re installed and used properly, zoned heating systems can provide great savings. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, this type of heating system can save the average homeowner nearly 30% on heating costs each time you get the bill.

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