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How Many Lights Should I Use On My Christmas Tree?

Is It Possible To Use Too Many Christmas Lights?

Is there anything that puts you in a better mood than decorating for the holidays? There’s just something about putting up the tree and bringing it to life with lights and ornaments that really puts us in a cheerful frame of mind. However, there are some rules and guidelines to follow so you can stay off the naughty list this year. See below to find out how much you’ll need for a safe and vibrant holiday season.

The Rule of Thumb for Christmas Lights

When it comes to stringing lights together, the height of the tree will determine how many you should use. Keep the following in mind for reference (One set, or string of lights is equivalent to 50 bulbs):

  • 4 Feet: 5 sets of lights or less. 
  • 6 Feet: 8 sets of lights.
  • 8 Feet: 12 sets of lights.
  • 10 Feet: 20 sets of lights.
  • 12 Feet: 26 sets of lights.
  • 14 Feet: 32 sets of lights.

Keep in mind that you should always plug holiday lights directly into wall outlets and it’s always best to use LED bulbs as they produce virtually no heat.

The Rule of Thumb for Ornaments

When it comes to hanging ornaments, the height of the tree will also determine how many you should use. Keep the following in mind for reference (One box of ornaments is equivalent to a 2 foot by 1 foot package):

  • 4 Feet: 2 boxes of ornaments.
  • 6 Feet: 3-4 boxes of ornaments.
  • 8 Feet: 5 boxes of ornaments.
  • 10 Feet: 6-7 boxes of ornaments.
  • 12 Feet: 7-8 boxes of ornaments.
  • 14 Feet: 1-12 boxes of ornaments.

Pro Tip: if you wish to make the tree look brighter, place shiny ornaments way in toward the center of the tree. This will help these ornaments catch the most light and therefore, shine brighter than if they were hung on the outskirts of the tree.

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