How Old Is Your Home's Wiring?



Knob and Tube wiring was installed in homes from about 1880 to 1940.  This type of wiring has no grounding conductor and the insulation surrounding the wire is itself a fire hazard.  There are toomany reasons that this wiring is unsafe today to possibly mention them all.  Knob and Tube wiring is not allowed in any new construction and many insurance companies are now denying coverage to homes with Knob and Tube wiring.  This wiring was never designed to meet the needs of today's electrical devices.  It's age alone is more than enough reason to replace it.


We hear about our failing infrastructure every day on the news: a water main break due to old,failing pipelines causing extensive damage, bridge collapses etc.  Your home's infrastructure can fail too. Today's wiring is designed to handle the demand of our modern electrical equipment and protect your family from electrical fires.



At Gen3 Electric, we remove this dangerous wiring every day and make older homes in the Philadelphia area safe.  Contact us today to schedule a Knob and Tube inspection and you will be on your way to both increasing your home's value and keeping it's occupants safe.

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If you have been thinking about rewiring your home and want to know how we do it and what to expct, ceck out our YouTube video featuring one f our satified customers!

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