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How To Avoid Electronic Device Fireworks

Summer is in full force and ‘tis the season for fireworks. There’s something about sitting outside, gazing up into the sky and seeing explosions of colors before your eyes. Well, that is, as long as they’re actual fireworks and the explosions and sparks are intentional. Let’s face it — if you’re not careful with your electronic devices this summer, you could experience some fireworks, but for all the wrong reasons.

Boating Safety

  • Check the boat and the dock for cracked electrical cords or frayed wiring.
  • Look for corrosion or rust on electrical outlets, plugs, wires and power pedestals.
  • Make sure GFCI outlets are installed and used on and around the boat and the marina.
  • Know where the main breaker is located on the boat.
  • Never use household electrical cords in or near the water.

AC & Fan Safety

  • Have qualified electricians install ceiling fans and air conditioning systems.
  • Remember to have equipment inspected and tuned-up at least once a year.
  • Only purchase air conditioners and ceiling fans that have been rated by a recognized testing laboratory.
  • Make sure electrical outlets are capable of powering air conditioning units.
  • Never use indoor fans outside, especially near pools, sprinklers or garden hoses.

Outdoor Power Tool Safety

  • Only plug power tools into GFCI outlets.
  • Never operate electric power tools if rain is in the forecast.
  • Don’t use power tools near live electrical wires or near water pipes.
  • Opt for tools with insulated grips to protect yourself against electric shock.
  • Never run power cords through puddles, wet grass, or wet pavement.

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