How To Keep Your Valuable Electronics Safe


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Did you know that 60 - 80% of surges originate from internal sources (within a home or business), according to The National Electrical Manufacturers Association? That means the electronics you use on a daily basis whether at work or at home are at risk! Find out how surge protection can help keep your electronics safe so you don’t have to worry:

What Causes a Power Surge?
A power surge is a sudden, unwanted increase in voltage that can severely damage or destroy electronic devices. They often occur when larger appliances turn on or off, but they can also stem from electric utilities or lighting.

Types of Surge Protection
When it comes to keeping your devices protected, there are two main types: point-of-use and whole-home protection.

Point-of-Use Surge Protection
This is kind you’re probably more familiar with - it’s a long strip of outlets that looks similar to a power strip. This type of protection is easy to use, but it only protects the devices plugged directly into the strip. The major downside is that they must be replaced over time or after a major surge event.

Whole-Home Surge Protection
This type of protection keeps your entire electrical system safe. That includes large appliances, outlets, light switches and anything else you have in your home. They protect against larger surges and last longer than point-of-use systems, but they must be installed by a qualified electrician.

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