How To Power A Window Air Conditioner

Imagine what your house would feel like in the dead of summer without an air conditioner. We’re talking no central air system, no ductless HVAC system, not even a window air conditioner. Sounds pretty miserable, right? Sweating just thinking about it? Well, even if you’re using a simple window air conditioner to stay cool, it must be powered properly in order to eliminate the risk of major electrical problems.

window air conditioner

Extension Cords Won’t Cut It

The wire with the plug attached to it coming from the air conditioner isn’t quite long enough to reach that wall outlet across the room, so using an extension cord will do the trick, right? WRONG! 

Although it may sound like a simple solution, extension cords are not designed to carry this much power – not to mention, you should never use an extension cord that is 100+ feet in length.

With that said, you should really consider protecting your home from overloaded circuits by properly powering your window air conditioning unit. How is that done? The answer is simple – a dedicated AC line.

Can Your Outlets Handle Your Window Air Conditioner?

Just as important as making sure you have a dedicated line for your air conditioner, you’ll want to make sure your outlets are modern enough to support this amount of electricity. If your home was built before the invention of the modern day air conditioner, chances are, your outlets weren’t built to support them.

Think about it this way – if you can’t vacuum, cook or blow dry your hair AND run the AC at the same time, your circuits are overloaded and it’s time to call in the pros!

Give the home comfort and electrical experts at GEN3 Electric a call today and we’ll help make sure your electrical and hvac systems are ready to go for the season.