How To Use A Voltage Tester

Ever wonder what that pen-like thing is that electricians are constantly holding up to wires and outlets? That tool is called a voltage tester and it really comes in handy. So, what does it do and how do you use it? Find out below!

voltage tester.jpg

What is a Voltage Tester?

A voltage tester enables you to measure the flow of electrical current. The device is primarily used to test for adequate voltage and for proper grounding.

Some models are designed with a small glowing bulb that has two wires connected to it, while others are wireless. For the wired type, each wire extends to a metal test probe; the electrical device then determines the amount of current flowing, or whether there is any current flowing at all.

When is a Voltage Tester Needed?

Suspect your electrical outlet isn’t functioning? You can use a voltage tester by connecting one wire to one connection and the other wire to the opposite connection. If the light on the device glows it is indicating that the outlet is receiving electricity.

Before attaching any devices, whatsoever, check several times to see if the power is completely shut down everywhere in the house.  If it doesn’t glow, this would mean the fault is at this point.

Are Voltage Testers Safe To Use?

While some some more experienced homeowners may be able to use a voltage tester on their own, keep in mind that putting your hands near live wires or outlets certainly comes with a number of risks. We highly recommend leaving all electrical work to the pros!

Leave it to the trained technicians and electricians at GEN3 Electric! We’ll make sure your electrical system is functioning properly in a safe and effective manner so you can sit back, relax and take it all in!