Is It Safe To Run My Air Conditioner 24/7?

The forecast calls for high heat for the foreseeable future and the only thing keeping you sane is the fact that you have your air conditioner blasting cool air throughout your home. Thank goodness for A/C, right? Well, this luxury could quickly become useless if you abuse it. You may want to refrain from running your air conditioner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

air conditioner malfunction

There are lots of common mistakes homeowners make when it comes to their home’s cooling system, but today we’re focusing on whether or not it’s okay to run your system at all times. Sure, it might feel great to have the house perfectly chilled, but here’s why it’s a bad idea:

You’re Wasting Energy

Chances are, there are periods of time throughout the day or night when nobody is home. Running the air conditioner to an empty house is not the wisest choice when it comes to your energy bills.

But you don’t want to come home to a hot house either, right?

Well, this is where a programmable or smart thermostat comes into play. You can set the temperature and the hours of the day you want your system to run so that it’s perfectly comfortable the minute you return home.

You’re Risking Breakdowns

There aren’t too many things in the world that are designed to operate at peak performance 24/7 and your home’s air conditioning system is NOT one of those things. Air conditioners need time off in order to defrost.

Similarly, running the system for extended periods of time puts additional strain on all of the moving parts which could cause them to break down or wear out more frequently. The result here? Costly repairs that could, and should, be avoided.

Remember, your air conditioner isn’t designed to run for – or last forever. Be smart about how you use it this summer and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable you and your home are.