Join Us In Fishtown


Come join us in Fishtown this Saturday, October 8th for the 9th annual RiverCity Festival! As a proud sponsor of the event, Gen3 will be present to say hi, answer any questions you have and enjoy some local fun ourselves while we're at it.


We're proud to offer our contribution to the event to help celebrate Fishtown, a wonderfully unique and diverse neighborhood steeped in history. Fishtown has seen a lot of changes in recently years and we find ourselves in the neighborhood often helping new homeowners make their exciting new home their own and ensure its safety. Fishtown is also home to families who've lived in the neighborhood for generations with beautiful older homes that need a little modernizing in the safety of your electrical panels, outdated wiring and replacing older worn out outlets.

Whatever your home's unique needs, you can be assured Gen3 offers friendly and experienced home experts who frequent the neighborhood near daily. We're always happy to receive a call from Fishtown and and excited for the opportunity to show our support to the community as a whole through events like the RiverCity Festival. We hope to see you there on Saturday!

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