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Do you want to give your home more ambiance? Upgrade you lighting. There are so many different types of light fixtures out there. You can find some in your local Home Depot or Lowe's, or online for a HUGE selection: Amazon or Wayfair and many others. 

At Generation 3 Electric, we install light fixtures every day. From recessed lights with dimmers and LED Trims to unique chandeliers and sconces. The possibilities are endless. If you select your fixtures from, we will order them for you and bring them with us on the day of the install. Of course, you can shop where you like and just hire us to install your new light fixtures. We usually provide and install recessed lights. Upgrade to LED trims if you get recessed lights, what a difference they make! Besides the money you will save on electricity, the light is softer and does not produce as much heat as the traditional bulbs. Dimmers are a must, it is so relaxing when you can lounge in your room after a long day with low light and a candle.

Below are some photos of lighting installed by Generation 3 Electric.Give your home a makeover! Call Gen3 Electric to install your new lighting and dimmer switches. Start shopping fixtures on Wayfair:


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