Making Our Walls Come Alive

With Spring on our doorstep, Gen 3 has been thinking about ways to brighten up the office space! During the end of the winter months founder, Bill Lutz suggested a living plant wall to turn the call center (with a limited amount of natural light) from drab to fab. Gen 3’s enthusiastic team of customer service representatives jumped at the chance to get their hands dirty and bond.


They started out with a blank canvas- nothing on the walls:





What followed was a collaborative design and build process that could have easily been on HGTV! Well, at least Pinterest…


Janay (who you may have spoken with if you’ve called Gen 3) explained a big inspiration for the project: “Early in the process we figured out that we wanted to incorporate up-cycled elements from the warehouse downstairs.” Creativity and craftiness turned shipping pallets, electrical fixtures (that would have been scrapped), old wire, and some electrical boxes into dazzling designs. “We asked the techs for help and to bring us fixtures they were going to trash- the ones that couldn’t be donated.” The technicians didn’t disappoint even adding their own design ideas and tips.


After collecting materials and making a plan the CSRs got to work. First they stained the pallets:







Company colors of course came into play. Then they found ways to incorporate the awesome fixtures from the technicians. You know what they say about one person’s trash:




This turned into a custom planter treasure! With a little elbow grease and persistence the project is nearing completion and looking better every day. Just in time for the warmer months!





In the words of Janay: “I think it really makes the space nicer and more fun to work in!” While Gen 3 does not offer professional design advice (yet) contact us today and we can help you with your electrical or HVAC needs.