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Microwave Safety Tips For The Holidays

How To Use A Microwave Safely

While it may not get as much use as the stove or the oven, and it may be looked down upon by your guests, the microwave can definitely still come in handy this holiday season. There’s only so many things you can fit on the stove or in the oven and let’s face it — you’re cooking up a real feast. But do you really know how to operate a microwave safely? Brush up on the safety tips below:

1 – Check The Plug

Before you turn the microwave on, be sure to check the plug and the wire for any potential signs of damage. If the wire is frayed or the plug or the outlet shows signs of wear, discoloration or melting, refrain from using the appliance.

2 – Never Microwave Metal Or Aluminum

You’ve probably seen or heard about what happens when you put metal or aluminum foil in the microwave and turn it. For lack of a better description, it looks like a Fourth of July fireworks display with sparks and flames shooting throughout the inside of the appliance. Even if something only needs to be heated for a few seconds, always use a microwave-safe container.

3 – Don’t Overheat Water

Water can reach its boiling point in a short period of time in the microwave. In fact, some are powerful enough to boil water in as little as 45 seconds. Keep a close eye on cups or containers while heating water and use hand protection to avoid serious burns.

4 – Don’t Open The Door Mid-Cook

Need to take something out of the microwave before the timer runs down to zero? Be sure to hit the cancel or stop button before doing so. Opening the door suddenly while the appliance is turned on could cause the safety fuse to blow.

5 – Don’t Store Items On Top

Believe it or not, the outside of the appliance can get hot while it’s in use so never store items on top of the microwave, especially if they are flammable or prone to melting.

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