No More Problem Rooms With Ductless HVAC


Notice that newly renovated living space is always so cold? Have a certain room of the house that’s always much warmer than the others? Your home is supposed to be a place of maximal comfort, although that’s not always the case. But with ductless HVAC, problem rooms are no longer a problem. Find out why, below:

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How Does Ductless Work?

Ductless split systems utilize revolutionary technology that enables the indoor unit to point conditioned air toward the areas of the room that need it most. For that reason, they have turned what were once seasonal spaces to year ‘round sanctuaries.

Perfect Applications For Ductless HVAC:

Sunrooms: they have an abundance of natural light, hence their name. For this reason, they need to be cooled and heated differently than the rest of the house.

Additions/Outbuildings: they’re often short room and lack the space required for bulky ductwork. A ductless system is a great solution.

Problem Rooms: some rooms of the house just aren’t used as regularly as others so why waste money heating and cooling them? With a ductless system you can turn off the air to these rooms and close the door to save money.

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