How Pretty Is Your Electrical Panel?


Here at GEN3 Electric and Ductless HVAC, we see a lot of electrical panels. Some are neat, clean and covered, some are in need of TLC. Every once in a while, we come accross a real fusebox too. The one pictured below is original from 1906.

Fusebox.jpgOld meter.jpg


If your panel isn't as old as the 1906 gem above, but looks something like the one below, call a licensed electrician and you'll be on your way to a modern and safe home.

Worst Panel Ever.jpg



It's pretty amazing when one is still working, but way overdue for an upgrade. This one belongs in a museum! Your electrical panel is the heart of your home's electrical system. This is where you start to modernize your home's electric. The picture below shows a new panel recently installed by Generation 3 Electric:

GEN3Panel.jpgOnce your panel has ben updated, you can begin to add new modern, grounded circuits to each room.

You are making your home safer, more modern and adding value. 

If you need to modernize your home's electrical system, give GEN3 a call today and schedule an estimate:

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