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Light fixture 5.jpgLight fixture 4.jpgLight Fixture 3.jpgLight fixture 2.jpgLight Fixture.jpgThere are so many styles of light fixtures available today. The possibilities are endless. At GEN3, our technicians have seen so many of them, some are amazing, some are a bit unusual and some are super cool. If you are redecorating a room in your home, start with the light fixture(s). 

This will change the atmosphere all by itself. Call GEN3 to come install your new fixtures for you. Don't forget to add a dimmer switch, this will really allow you to adjust the ambiance of the room with your current mood. Dimmers are awesome, even in the bathroom!

If you choose to order your fixtures from Wayfair and have us install them, we will even accept delivery for you and bring them to the installation. We will also warranty them!

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