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Not So Airy in Mount Airy

Think about it… you wouldn’t put indoor furniture on your back patio or front porch, would you?

Well, the same goes for light fixtures and ceiling fans!

While there are some gorgeous indoor ceiling fans on the market that may seem like the perfect addition to your outdoor space, it is important to know they have motors and blades that are not made to withstand the outdoor elements.

Check out this indoor fan we recently encountered on a client’s porch in Mount Airy.

In this case, even though the fan was enclosed, it collected lots of moisture, causing the blades to become soggy and limp. Worst case scenario, this fan could’ve sparked and caused an electrical fire.

Next time you’re shopping for outdoor fixtures, be sure they are wet-rated or damp-rated. This means they are specifically designed to combat rain, wind and snow. The wiring is designed not to short and the blades are made with special plastic, as not to warp from the elements.

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